TM Promo 2013 - AstigCombo10 for 1 day

I excited when i know the TM/Globe Promos 2013, If you have not yet know

the new promo of TM this year 2013 heres the latest AstigCombo10. For only P10 you can use this as call 10 Pesos for 10 minutes call to TM and Globe Subscribers plus 50 all networks texts valid for 1 day using the service.

AstigCombo10 TM Load Promo 2013 is running until February 28, 2013. So what are you waiting for. I'm sure so many Globe and TM Subscribers is waiting for this promo. AstigCombo10 registration is via SMS.

How to register AstigCombo10 TM Promo 2013?

- text ASTIGCOMBO10, COMBO10 and AC10 send to 8888
- P10 valid of 1 day
- 10 minutes call to TM/Globe users plus 50 texts to all networks

You can stop the subscription via text ASTIGCOMBO10 OFF to 8888.

For more information, just text ASTIGCOMBO10 HELP or ASTIGCOMBO10 INFO to 8888.

To check you balance, ASTIGCOMBO10 BAL, AC10 BAL or COMBO10 BAL to 8888.

Here is the MECHANICS:

TM PROMO Mechanics

1. Minimum required balance to register is P10.

2. After registration, wait for the confirmation message before using the service.

3. Subscription to the service is valid for 24 hours after registration.

4. No maintaining balance is required to use the service.

5. No special prefix is needed to make calls to TM/Globe using the service.

6. Calls to other networks while registered to ASTIGCOMBO10 will be charged at regular rates.

7. You can register again to ASTIGCOMBO10 even while your previous registration is still valid. The expiry period will follow that of your latest registration to the service.

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